Join us for KIDS CLUB

This is a monthly event that is the 1st Wednesday of every month on the upper level in front of Nordstrom Rack

June 2018
Engineering Challenges – Build different structures and see how strong they are. Will they withstand external forces?


July 2018

Earth & Space: Part 2 – Explore Earth and space phenomena with new demos and hands-on activities about science, technology, and society.

August 2018

Insect Invasion – Discover the amazing diversity of insects through this hands-on exploration. Students create an insect that represents basic insect biology, including their adaptive color schemes.

September 2018

Dinosaur Discovery – Explore the prehistoric world, examine fossil formation, learn the keys to dinosaur identification, and discover the fate of the dinosaurs. Investigate real fossils and test your knowledge of dinosaurs, reptiles, and other prehistoric animals.