Happy Fall, Y'all! You are reading Colonie Center's first official blog post (YAY!), and we couldn't be more excited to have you reading along. Coming at you, or typing at you, is our first-class Marketing team comprised of two budding #Bosslady Marketing gurus who are excited to share our favorite pieces of Colonie Center. Our blog will cover everything from testing products to our outstanding retailers, epic events we host, and everything in between. If you have an idea you want us to chat about, shoot us an email, we would love to hear from you! Do you want to know a little bit about us? No, you just want to get to the good stuff, no hard feelings, scroll right past the next section. If you do, well without further ado, here we are...

Meet Marissa, Colonie Center’s Marketing and Business Development Manager! Marissa has been with the property for almost three years now and is such an important part of our team. All of the amazing events we’ve had- she made those happen! She has an unmatched positive and can-do attitude that makes working with her exciting and fun. It’s not often that you find someone so passionate and knowledgeable to mentor you! Stay tuned for her thoughts on everything Colonie Center has to offer! -JA

Meet Jensen, our Marketing Assistant. Smart, sassy, and all things classy. A recent college grad and native to the Capital Region, we were beyond excited to have her join us roughly a year ago. With an extensive background in Communications and Marketing, she has been a wealth of ideas and new energy around here. We are ecstatic to have her co-writing on this blog and look forward to her perspective on all things shopping! Trust us; you're going to love her! -MM

If you skipped us, no hard feelings, really! We understand wanting to get to the "good stuff." Our first post covers none other than the leader in prestige omni-retail, SEPHORA! We know, you know Sephora is the mega beauty supplier, but did you know the Colonie Center Sephora is a powerhouse? With a recently renovated store and an elite team of knowledgeable and talented beauty advisors, this location is the best in the Capital Region (in our opinion 😉 ) Over the last few weeks, we have been testing their TOP 6 FALL MUST-HAVE PRODUCTS, and it's been a blast. Scroll down to see our honest feedback regarding these cost-effective beauty must-haves! 

The Sephora Clean Lip Mousse in Carnation!

 My first (and most important) tip when it comes to this lipstick is: a LITTLE goes a LONG way. Seriously, this is a dab and go kind of product. I started off with a big ole swipe and realized that was not the way to go. Round two was a dap and blot! The mousse is a lovely texture; it doesn’t ball up on your lips as I find some lip products do. It glides on and blends in very well. I also found that it did not have an overpowering scent, which is something that I look for in a lip product. One obstacle I usually face is my lipstick fading during the day. I eat and drink a lot throughout the day, which leads me to keep reapplying my lipstick. I put this on before lunchtime, and it was still intact when I took it off at the end of the night! This carnation color is similar to a cranberry, a color that is perfect for fall! Not only is it a great color, but you can also wear it proudly as it is a part of Sephora’s clean collection; it is vegan and cruelty-free! -JA

Take everything she said, and I second it! I am not a lipstick gal, give me a gloss the same color as my lips, and I am here for it. BUT this has me changing up my game a little. The color is gorge, simply put. I've worn this lip to work and out to dinner with the hubs; it mixes with both business professional and casual. This shade  is one that looks AMAZE on all shades of skin. For sure, a fall must-have. Warning* this will smear if you were a mask, as we all are doing these days. Visit our CC Sephora to grab this lip AND for a setting spray that will keep this lip-LOCKED in place. -MM

Sephora Collection Clean and Bouncy Eyeshadow Palette

I was really happy when I saw this palette as I tend to wear more natural/nude/brown tones, so these colors were perfect for me! It is also a smaller palette, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed with choices. The mini pallet say’s “Beauty at your fingertips. Touch, swipe, and go!”. Definitely could work for some, but your girl likes to use a brush. The color names are not listed on the palette but on the website; they are: “1 (gold), 2 (copper), 3 (pink), 4 (brown), 5 (bronze), 6 (champagne)”. At first, I was wary because it was quite a thin layer that came off my brush when I went to apply. After a few good swipes, I got to where I wanted to be! What I find nice about that is you don’t accidentally put too much on at once, and you can really control how you want the shadow to look! It is a very buildable palette. It makes sense that you are meant to use your fingers as that will allow you to pick up more of the shadow.  I think this palette is PERFECT for those looking for  a simple and beautiful eye look for day and night! -JA

The Hydrating Kit-Sephora Collection

Alright, I snatched this product away from Jensen when we were figuring out who would sample what!  As someone who is a little (cough, cough) older, my skin needs the extra TLC. In your 30's, skincare is even more critical. First, let's talk value, this kit is $20, and you receive three products; Clean Skin Gel, Nourishing Moisturizer, and the Overnight Glow Mask. Favorite of the three? The Glow Mask. You put this on, overnight, a couple of nights a week, and you wake up with a good glow. Love this product. All three of these products have a light scent, not overpowering, which I appreciate. The gel cleanser glides on smooth and pulls everything off your face. I am not a fan of daily scrubs when it comes to my face, so I love that this is gelly. I have been using this for about three weeks now, and my dry skin is gone-POOF! Not overly oily either. It's a perfect balance. As the colder weather moves into Upstate NY, and we turn our heat on, we will notice our skin dry out, it's inevitable. Run to the Colonie Center Sephora and snag this kit for $20, your skin will thank you! -MM

Sephora Collection Clean Hand Mask

With all of the hand-washing and sanitizing we have all been doing, our hands could use some love! For this product, I would recommend blocking out 15-20 minutes where you have nothing to do. I mean, don’t even use your phone! Put on a show or podcast and relax. If you try to move around and pick things up, the gloves will slide around. I liked the smell of the cream, and they were super cute. They look quite large at first, but you can wrap them around your wrist, so they fit better! Sit with the gloves on and then remove them and rub the rest of the cream in. I would recommend doing this at night as the cream can be thick and leave your hands feeling a bit greasy. Let it soak in overnight and wake up to refreshed and hydrated hands! Not to mention, these masks are $5! Snag a couple when you #CometoColonie. -JA

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Brow Harmony Pencil and Gel

So, I am going to keep it really real- eyebrows are NOT my strong suit. I already have fairly thick eyebrows as it is (Thanks, Dad!), and I like them that way. But, I am totally jealous when I see perfectly drawn in eyebrows. I envy the talent, patience, and time-they're gorgeous. With that being said, I must own my truth...I will never take that time because I love to sleep in, and I touch my face too much-I would have one eyebrow at the end of the day. When I heard about one of Sephora's must-have fall items being an eyebrow tool, I told Jensen, "this one is mine!" After purchasing, I looked it up on Sephora's website. I watched the utterly beautiful Selena Gomez put on her Rare Beauty Brow Harmony pencil and gel. Then I got to drawing. Over the last two weeks, I am quite impressed with how my brow skills have advanced. A few tips/tricks: 
  • Go super super light when creating the hair light strokes. I am talking barely touch the eyebrow. The pencil is soft and creamy and the slightest bit of pressure makes a perfect stroke.
  • The brow brush with the setting is UH-MAZING. Obsessed. I comb the gel throughout, and it just sets and holds everything right in place. I also find that if I touch my brows throughout the day (see, always touching my face), the color doesn't rub off. Which, for me, is impressive.
  • Ask a friend or your co-blogger/friend in this case how they look. On the first day, her response was, "Oh! I see they look (pause) fuller!" I laughed right out loud. Back to the drawing board, or drawing brow in this case. I kept on it for a couple of weeks, and when I asked her today: “Wow, they look natural, yet clean and full.” I’ll take it.
  • If you're still struggling, ASK FOR HELP (this applies to all areas of life)! Take your product and head back to the Colonie Center Sephora. The team here is BEYOND talented. They can walk you through how to execute any product.

I know that is a lot of info to digest, but it's everything I found that works or doesn't work with giving you a full natural brow. Fall brows are a must-so grab this today!  -MM

GO OFF Makeup Remover Wipes

Alright, let's talk about getting the makeup off. We tried out the Patrick Starr GO OFF makeup remover wipes. These wipes are MASSIVE-HUGE! Some of Sephora's website feedback is they are a little dry, and they are; however if I am being honest, I kind of like that about them. Sometimes, I find the wipes are so wet that it isn't pulling the makeup off your face; it's just moving it around. The other upside is the size; as I mentioned above, they're massive—no need to use two to get your makeup off. If I am being SUPER honest, you could probably cut them in half! 🙂 The best part about them is when I am done removing my makeup; I don't feel like my face is drenched in an additional product. My face is left feeling clean and makeup-free. Bottom line, next time you are at the Colonie Center Sephora, GO OFF and get yourself some wipes (see what I did there). -MM

Well, that is the end of our first ever Colonie Center Blog- we are "bloggers!" Well, not really, but we can pretend. We can't say enough wonderful things about the Sephora here at Colonie Center as we closeout. Their staff sets the bar and continues to exceed expectations on the daily. Personable, knowledgeable, helpful, and so much more! If you haven't visited the Colonie Center location recently, #COMETOCOLONIE and check them out!  

XoXo- Marissa and Jensen