Shop. Show. Win! After shopping and dining, your school’s family and friends can fill out the form and either place it in the drop box at the Security Desk (located near the Regal entrance) along with your original receipts, or show your original receipts at the Management Office (located past the bathrooms near Sephora) to accumulate points. Shoppers must specify which participating school to allocate the points to. For every dollar spent at Colonie Center, your school will receive two points!


Each month, there will be fun opportunities for bonus points, like taking holiday photos at Colonie Center or making a purchase from a specified retail partner. We’ll keep you in the loop with a monthly email and our website will also always have up to date information.


Mention your schools’ School Bucks participation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and your school will receive 100 points per post, with a maximum value of 1,200 points. Social Media Points are limited to once per month, and you will not be able to make up for missed months. Use your points, or lose your points! Email your social media post screenshots to jakey@coloniemanagement.com or mailed to:
Colonie Center Management Office, 131 Colonie Center, Albany, NY 12205

At the end of the year, 10 monetary prizes will be awarded to participating schools based on the schools’ total points.

1st place: $8,000
2nd place: $4,000
3rd place: $2,000
4th place: $1,000
5th place: $1000
6th place: $1000
7th place: $1000
8th place: $1000
9th place: $500
10th place: $500

If you have questions, please contact Jensen Akey  jakey@coloniemanagement.com

If you aren’t receiving our monthly newsletter, text SCHOOLBUCKS to 89881 to get registered!

  • The School Bucks program is based on actual dollars spent by personal visits of family members, friends, and supporters of each participating school. This program is not a receipt drive.
  • Bills made from non in-store purchases will not be accepted (cell phone bills, cable bills, credit card bills, etc).
  • Store employees may not be used to collect receipts for participating schools.
  • All receipts must be redeemed within 60 days of purchase date.
  • Receipts will be collected from January 1, 2021 until January 15th, 2022.
  • Receipts dated prior to January 1, 2021 will not be accepted.
  • Receipts for returned merchandise will not be accepted.
  • Schools in violation of program rules may be subject to removal from the School Bucks program.

2021 Winning Schools

  1. Loudonville Christian School
  2. Blessed Sacrament
  3. Eagle Point
  4. Albany School of Humanities
  5. Shaker Road Elementary
  6. St. Pius X
  7. West Sand Lake Elementary
  8. Sacred Heart School
  9. St. Jude the Apostle
  10. St. Kateri Tekakwitha